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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Dante" your real name?

Yes. Dante Enrique Rivera.

Are Dante’s Inferno Dogs all ‘SPICY’?

No. The name "Dante's Inferno Dogs" is simply a play on words.

Do you offer any vegan options?

Yes. Inferno Dogs offers Seattle's Field Roast vegan products. On our FULL menu you will find the Mexican Chipotle and Apple Sage vegan sausages. For our SELECT menu I offer the vegan Frankfurters. And, I also carry the FieldBurger on our BURGER menu.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Yes. All of our meat-based options are gluten-free and I also offer Franz Gluten Free buns.

*** Our vegan options are wheat-based products.

What about the Seattle-style Cream Cheese Hot Dog?

In 1988, operating in Pioneer Square, Hadley Longe created the Seattle cream cheese dog. In 2000, Dante’s Inferno Dogs perfected the Seattle Dog with the introduction of the cream cheese GUN!

How far will you travel to cater an event?

Travel outside Seattle is $2 per mile from 98133, roundtrip.

*** Plus any applicable fees/tolls.

What is your rate of service?

The FULL menu rate of service is approximately 80 custom servings per hour, per cart. The SELECT menu rate of service is approximately 120 to 140 custom servings per hour, per cart. Call for special pricing and service for parties of 500 to 3500.

What happens if our guests eat more than we estimated?

Inferno Dogs promises that all guests will be well fed and pleased with service. At the close of the event, final invoicing will be based on actual consumption and service time for the best value.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. Certificates of Insurance (COI) can be provided upon request, and usually within 48 hours.

How much time is needed for set-up?

The FULL outdoor carts are 100% self-contained and only require a serving area of approximately 10′ x 10′. For FULL cart set-up, we request to be on site 90 minutes prior to start.

The MINI indoor carts occupy a serving area of approximately 5′ x 5′ and require a designated 110 outlet for operation. For MINI cart set-up, we request to be on site two hours prior to start.

We are hosting an event, will you donate product/service or an auction item?

A percentage of Inferno Dogs’ operations goes directly to area Food Banks, Boys & Girls Clubs. Please email any requests. If I am able to offer support, I surely will.

Are you hiring?

I am always accepting applications. Applicants must be 21 years of age, have a clean driving record, and a strong work ethic.

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